The Doctor is in


Jacket by Shakuhachi from Aust // Leather Pants by Tommy Hilfiger // Heels by YSL (yes, Y) // Bra by Michi

Once again I found myself stumbling into my favorite Abbot Kinney store and of course everything is amazing and I never have any self control. Exposed bras have been a recurring staple look for me (which proves to be a bit of an issue when I visit my family in the South) and because I am always struggling to get to my pilates class at the end of the workday, often changing en route, I’ve started wearing sports bras on a daily basis. I found this one by Michi at Revolve Clothing and am kind of obsessed with wearing it with a low cut tank or in this case, a trench coat from one of those dope Aussie brands.

When I originally found the coat, I fully intended on wearing it without pants because…why wouldn’t I? I’ll tell you why. Butt cheeks. Now, based on my cut-off drawer at home, it’s obvious that I live by the belief “No Pants are the Best Pants” but I also didn’t want to look like a huss in the middle of the day; so, I threw on my staple leather and saved the no pants look for a night out. All that being said, this is a great coat to wear for its divine purpose, but it also has enough coverage and edge to be worn all by its lonesome, especially if that’s your thing you saucy minx.

Images by Jordan Voth
Hair & Make-up by Emily Hache