Rage on Drew

Writing this morning still in disbelief that the fashion world has lost Drew Bernstein. I was lucky enough to interview him several times last year and hang with him at the Kill City/Lip Service HQ. In hindsight, don’t you always wish you would have taken more in? Interviews with Drew were fun, for those couple of hours you felt like you knew him better than anybody on the planet, like you were on stage with him when he was playing in Crucifix. I remember walking away from the first one-where we talked a lot about his past in music and what influenced him to start his companies-and I thought, this guy is so rad, he is doing what nobody else is doing, whatever he wants, and it seems to be working. My other thought was, I wonder if he’s hiring.

There’s hardly a client I’ve ever had who hasn’t rocked his clothing at some point-whether it’s a pair of the skinniest jeans ever made, a perfect blazer or a sick leather jacket. The few times I was lucky enough to spend with him really influenced me and I can’t imagine what this news must be like for those who saw him day in and day out. It’s just too sad. It was just too soon. I wish I still had all of those recordings so I could hear his story from him again. A little push of inspiration to be more than normal. Drew Bernstein, you’re missed down here.

“This is it. This is my dream and I’m trying to build it.”-DB