The Perfect Leather


Jacket: Diesel Black Gold // Tank: Christian Benner // Jeans: AllSaints // Shoes: Zara

I am convinced that this tri-colored Diesel Black Gold leather jacket is my spirit animal. It is always nice to have a pair of shoes, a statement necklace or some piece of outerwear that you can throw on over anything you find on your bedroom floor and still look like you more than planned the look. I find every year moving into fall (no sadder words were ever spoken) that the most important purchase I make is a new piece of leather to add to the line-up. Last year it was pants and before that it was a brown AllSaints jacket that I bought on a whim…you will never regret buying a quality leather jacket no matter how little thought you put into it. But, given the price tag on such a garment, I understand the need to put in some time out in the field.

I suggest always buying real leather because it will last you longer and the visual difference between the two is major (unless you are buying overpriced faux, then what’s really the point?) If you’ve already got a staple black jacket, now is the time to venture into the colorsphere. There are some amazing burgundy, navy and olive green options out there that will take your plain white tee look to the next level without limiting your wear…it doesn’t matter if it matches the rest of your look perfectly. Snooze. It is also super important to try on all your options because fit is key. You don’t want anything too boxy or big but on the other hand, nothing is more suffocating than a too tight leather. Save your money and find something that you love-leather, like Balenciaga, is an investment.

images by Allen Zaki